The Five Survivors

Too much boat travel

May 10th/11th, 1162

Our heroes awoke in Ashbury, and proceeded to go about their business. Kane, Nora, and Pedro went to go look for the contact Kane was told to seek out about Artifacts, while Sylhel and Haltok went to the docks to find the captain Gilbert Bates had mentioned.

The contact Kane had hoped to find was not around. Apparently he had left a few weeks ago.

The half-humans found Edward Teach, captain of a ship that was willing to brave the waters around the Isles of Despair.

When the Five Survivors met up again, they set out. By midday they were on the water, and the men quickly learned that Nora was not made for sea travel.

Upon reaching the Isle of Despair, Teach warned them that some of the members of the penal colony would probably want to take the ship, so our heroes would have to be quick. The Five Survivors made it to the main hub of the colony, but were denied entrance (with the exception of Nora purely on the fact she was a woman, not that Kane would have let her go on alone.) They were tasked with taking down a winged creature that had been making off with people who wandered too far away from the walls.

SO OFF THEY WENT and ran into a Cockatrice in an old, ruined metal building. They pelted it with arrows and blows. It tried to fly off, but with one last crossbow bolt, it fell to the ground rather dead. Kane took one of the claws and they went to present it to the guard at the entrance of the colony.

Once inside, the person they wished to talk to wouldn’t talk to them without first one of them proving they were worthy, which resulted in Sylhel going into the Pit. He faced off against another combatant in single combat and came out victorious. So the Five Survivors went in to find a dwarf.

And were told the Black Mountain Clan had never made an appearance on the Isle. After a bit more of conversation, the idea of going to the Wheel Clan to find out what happened. The dwarf agreed to help them if they took him off the isle.

They all went back to the ship, worried for a moment that it had been taken seeing as there was a pile of bodies outside of it, but thankfully Teach’s men had handled themselves.

So they returned to Ashbury and agreed to spend one last day in Ashbury.

The next morning they all split to go about their business. Pedro and Nora discussed ideas, Sylhel read that book he always has, Haltok revisited an elven seller of trinkets, and Kane went to see if his contact had returned. Later in the evening, after hearing rumors of the haunted castle that looms over the town, the Five Survivors decided to investigate…


Deathmagus Zvart

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