The Five Survivors

The Train Job

May 9th, 1162

After a day and a half of travel, as well as a meeting with Gilbert Bates about the next course of action, and two days going about business in Tarant, the Five Survivors packed up their things and took the train to Ashbury.

Except these Five Survivors can’t seem to take public transportation without something going wrong. As is the norm for them, a few hours into the trip, a commotion started. An elf escorted one of the waiters on the train to the kitchen, followed by several men. A gunshot was heard and everything went chaotic.

The Five Survivors went about trying to get through the door – which proved to be magically locked. It took several tries, but after Kane did some daring heroics and managed to climb the outside of the train, Sylhel was able to bash his way through the door.

They were pelted with arrows and bullets by the invaders. Two of them – a large man in plate and an archer – were taken down by Kane, while a mage was kicked off the moving train by the Inquistor. The supposed leader of the opposing group continued to shoot at the Five Survivors from the front of the train. Haltok managed to grab hold of him, but had to let go in order to not be taken off the train with the man.

Once they were defeated, Haltok and Kane realized the train had no driver and called Nora and Pedro to fix that little problem. Nora spotted something on the dashboard she didn’t recognize, and Pedro quickly figured out they were explosives rigged up to the engine. He managed to throw some of them off the train before they went off, though the ones on the engine itself still blew.

The train was set off the tracks. Haltok, Kane, and Sylhel managed to walk from the wreck unharmed, but Pedro and Nora ended up hitting the dashboard of the train rather hard.

Kane set about organizing the passengers of the train into a small militia. Nora suggested Haltok – the fastest among them – go ahead and get help from Ashbury, rather than all of them trying to travel together at a much slower pace. Once agreed upon, they set up a camp as Haltok hustled his way into the distance.

A few hours later, a cloud of dust appeared on the horizon, Sylhel giving a warning to Kane at the approach. Barbarians ran up to Kane, who represented the group as a whole in a conversation. The leader of the Barbarians agreed to give them until night fall to leave, then he would come claim what was his – namely the train that was wrecked in his lands. He agreed that if no one tried to stop him, he would not harm a single person.

A bit more time passed, and Haltok returned with another train, which was loaded with the passengers and supplies. The rest of the day was spent backing the train along the track towards Ashbury, and when they reached there, the Five Survivors found the nearest inn and collapsed into sleep.


Deathmagus Zvart

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