The Five Survivors

May 12th, 1162

The next day, the Five Survivors spent their time in Ashbury. Kane sought someone who could give him a scroll of Mending to fix the Twelve Powers, then found Mr. Henderson, who was known to work on artifacts. As Haltok, Kane, and Nora watched, he was able to fix part of the Inferno.

Business concluded, the Five Survivors thought to return to Tarant, and from there, they would head to the Wheel Clan…

A Haunted Castle
May 11th, 1162

The haunted castle of Ashbury. Complete with Shades, Wrights, and a Banshee. The Five Survivors also found a book called The Twelve Powers, which Nora was ecstatic to find.

Beneath the castle lay a hidden altar to the Shadow God, and a machine that’s purpose was unknown. It was here where the Five Survivors learned the castle belonged to Kerghan the Terrible. Haltok was less than pleased.

Too much boat travel
May 10th/11th, 1162

Our heroes awoke in Ashbury, and proceeded to go about their business. Kane, Nora, and Pedro went to go look for the contact Kane was told to seek out about Artifacts, while Sylhel and Haltok went to the docks to find the captain Gilbert Bates had mentioned.

The contact Kane had hoped to find was not around. Apparently he had left a few weeks ago.

The half-humans found Edward Teach, captain of a ship that was willing to brave the waters around the Isles of Despair.

When the Five Survivors met up again, they set out. By midday they were on the water, and the men quickly learned that Nora was not made for sea travel.

Upon reaching the Isle of Despair, Teach warned them that some of the members of the penal colony would probably want to take the ship, so our heroes would have to be quick. The Five Survivors made it to the main hub of the colony, but were denied entrance (with the exception of Nora purely on the fact she was a woman, not that Kane would have let her go on alone.) They were tasked with taking down a winged creature that had been making off with people who wandered too far away from the walls.

SO OFF THEY WENT and ran into a Cockatrice in an old, ruined metal building. They pelted it with arrows and blows. It tried to fly off, but with one last crossbow bolt, it fell to the ground rather dead. Kane took one of the claws and they went to present it to the guard at the entrance of the colony.

Once inside, the person they wished to talk to wouldn’t talk to them without first one of them proving they were worthy, which resulted in Sylhel going into the Pit. He faced off against another combatant in single combat and came out victorious. So the Five Survivors went in to find a dwarf.

And were told the Black Mountain Clan had never made an appearance on the Isle. After a bit more of conversation, the idea of going to the Wheel Clan to find out what happened. The dwarf agreed to help them if they took him off the isle.

They all went back to the ship, worried for a moment that it had been taken seeing as there was a pile of bodies outside of it, but thankfully Teach’s men had handled themselves.

So they returned to Ashbury and agreed to spend one last day in Ashbury.

The next morning they all split to go about their business. Pedro and Nora discussed ideas, Sylhel read that book he always has, Haltok revisited an elven seller of trinkets, and Kane went to see if his contact had returned. Later in the evening, after hearing rumors of the haunted castle that looms over the town, the Five Survivors decided to investigate…

The Train Job
May 9th, 1162

After a day and a half of travel, as well as a meeting with Gilbert Bates about the next course of action, and two days going about business in Tarant, the Five Survivors packed up their things and took the train to Ashbury.

Except these Five Survivors can’t seem to take public transportation without something going wrong. As is the norm for them, a few hours into the trip, a commotion started. An elf escorted one of the waiters on the train to the kitchen, followed by several men. A gunshot was heard and everything went chaotic.

The Five Survivors went about trying to get through the door – which proved to be magically locked. It took several tries, but after Kane did some daring heroics and managed to climb the outside of the train, Sylhel was able to bash his way through the door.

They were pelted with arrows and bullets by the invaders. Two of them – a large man in plate and an archer – were taken down by Kane, while a mage was kicked off the moving train by the Inquistor. The supposed leader of the opposing group continued to shoot at the Five Survivors from the front of the train. Haltok managed to grab hold of him, but had to let go in order to not be taken off the train with the man.

Once they were defeated, Haltok and Kane realized the train had no driver and called Nora and Pedro to fix that little problem. Nora spotted something on the dashboard she didn’t recognize, and Pedro quickly figured out they were explosives rigged up to the engine. He managed to throw some of them off the train before they went off, though the ones on the engine itself still blew.

The train was set off the tracks. Haltok, Kane, and Sylhel managed to walk from the wreck unharmed, but Pedro and Nora ended up hitting the dashboard of the train rather hard.

Kane set about organizing the passengers of the train into a small militia. Nora suggested Haltok – the fastest among them – go ahead and get help from Ashbury, rather than all of them trying to travel together at a much slower pace. Once agreed upon, they set up a camp as Haltok hustled his way into the distance.

A few hours later, a cloud of dust appeared on the horizon, Sylhel giving a warning to Kane at the approach. Barbarians ran up to Kane, who represented the group as a whole in a conversation. The leader of the Barbarians agreed to give them until night fall to leave, then he would come claim what was his – namely the train that was wrecked in his lands. He agreed that if no one tried to stop him, he would not harm a single person.

A bit more time passed, and Haltok returned with another train, which was loaded with the passengers and supplies. The rest of the day was spent backing the train along the track towards Ashbury, and when they reached there, the Five Survivors found the nearest inn and collapsed into sleep.

Stillwater, the cold town in the mountains
May 4th, 1162

After a day’s travel through mountains and snowy-cold, the Five Survivors found themselves in the town of Stillwater. Sylhel provided what information he could, which proved to be quite a bit, given he had come from the place.

Nora asked for the day to create something, so the Five Survivors went about finding things to do in the town. Kane discovered a missing statue from an altar to Geshtianna and took the day to learn where it had gone. The Survivors (minus Nora) worked together to save a gnome from the local ogre menace.

Kane found the “thief” who had taken the altar’s statue and sought to bring him to justice – though ran into a similar problem he had with Shrouded Hills in that there was not much in way of a judicial system in the small town. Seeing as they planned to leave for Tarant the next day, Kane simply brought the man along with them.

There was an altar within the town that, when offered a passion root, seemed to function much like the dwarven altar our heroes had encountered previously…

The Cave of the Black Mountain Clan
May 2nd, 1162

After a day and a half of travel, the Five Survivors found themselves at the cave entrance to the Black Mountain Clan. After a small run in with a pack of wolves, they traveled into the caves to find a trap-rigged door, with a dwarven inscription that simply read “Down.”

When the door was opened, they found it did indeed, go down. They entered a long hallway, and ran into a large stone golem. It proved to be quite the fight, leaving Kane brushing death. He was able to be saved. Once defeated, the golem left behind a stone core. Rather than risk leaving it be, they took it along with them.

They found the body of an assassin of the Malochian Hand, with a note saying they had been expecting the group – though the assassin had been taken down earlier by the traps of the caves. As they continued to explore the caves, they found living quarters that were long abandoned, as well as an area lush with plants. And a gelatinous cube, which was avoided.

The Five survivors ran into several traps, one being a large stone block that was meant to crash onto whoever thought to walk through an archway into the throne room. After several thoughts were brought up, the group decided to try and jump it. Nora pulled Sylhel back once Kane and Haltok had made it through to offer another plan, though the logic was flawed. Pedro safely jumped the trap, and Sylhel went next. He landed on the pressure plate that activated the trap, but was pulled to safety by Haltok. The stone block fell and left Nora stranded on one side, the men on the other.

It took a while for them to push the stone block out of the way so she could reunite with them. They found themselves in the throne room and discovered a secret passage, as well as a room of worship. Nora and Kane explored the secret passage while Haltok, Sylhel, and Pedro examined the room of worship.

The three men offered the stone core of the golem to the altar, and Pedro read aloud an inscription on a plaque in front of it. Once he finished the prayer, the stone melted into the ground and the three seemingly absorbed the stone to be part of them.

Meanwhile, Kane and Nora found themselves in a hidden room where a dwarf paced and talked, though no one else was in the room. They learned of the betrayal to the Black Mountain Clan – the other side of the story that Gilbert Bates had told them – as well as the fate the clan to be banished to the Isles of Despair. They learned what they could of the Clan and its fate, before Kane stormed out of the caves, followed by Nora, just as the other three entered the room.

It was the middle of the night when they finally exited the caves, and they agreed to rest before continuing their way to Stillwater the next day…

Tarant, City of Technology
April 28th-30th, 1162

After a run in with a dire wolf and a night a bit too far from the city walls, the Five Survivors walked into the city of Tarant. They agreed they would look for information needed and reconvene when they could.

Nora and Haltok went to the church of Nasrudin, where Haltok attempted to explain what had transpired at the altar to Torg. It quickly escalated to the point of Haltok being dismissed and called a blasphemer.
Alexander Kane sought out a contact of his within the city walls.

The next day, they separated to find out what they could about Xenofex and the ring, which was inscribed with the initials GB. They sought out the makers of the ring, though after having no success trying the front entrance, they took less honorable means and went through the front door after the store had closed, courtesy of Pedro. They ran into some trouble with undead, then Kane went ahead on his own to find out more…

After a run in with the three brothers who ran the ring shop, Kane was able to provide the rest of the Five Survivors with a name: Gilbert Bates. They retired to the inn for some much needed sleep.

The following day, they awoke and headed out to the house of Gilbert Bates. Although denied entry at first, they were able to show the guards the ring and were escorted to meet with Mister Bates himself – as well as his ogre manservant.

Seeking more information on Xenofex, but Mister Bates not knowing anything himself, the man explained his story of how he acquired the plans for the steam engine from the dwarves, and asked the Five Survivors if they would look into what had happened to the dwarves of the Black Mountain Clan. After some debate, they agreed.

Nora retired, while the rest sought out the stables to buy horses. The next morning, they were off…

The Altar
April 24th, 1162

On their way to Tarant, the Five Survivors camped near an old altar of some kind. Upon closer inspection, it was found to be to the god, Torg, with an inscription on a plaque.

Ary Torg beleg Torg
Llie sint lye nnar’ ent agar
Ary Torg beleg Torg
Llie rutha ve’ u’ ulund

Iant Torg noldo Torg
Llie hini wanwa ron maen
Iant Torg noldo Torg
Ron corm i’ awr naa entul

Ary Torg beleg Torg
Amin yewl llie iriador en’ harsan
Iant Torg noldo Torg
Amin corm naa llie tenna Amin naa moro

As the group discussed what the altar could mean, a shimmer appeared above it. An image of figure in red robes appeared to hover over the altar and spoke with the five. He claimed that one of them was the reincarnation of Nasrudin – or at the very least one of his followers. Haltok called him Xenofex, which drew the attention of Alexander. The image of Xenofex claimed he would return to Enroth, and that everything would fall.

The image faded after a demonstration of his power, and the Five Survivors were left to reflect on what they had learned…

Leaving Shrouded Hills
April 21st, 1162

Just before leaving town, they helped stop a bank robbery.

Afterward they found themselves in a fierce battle against some thieves who were trying to make people pay a toll to cross the bridge.

The Party dispatched them with little difficulty and were on their way to Tarant.

Coming to Shrouded Hills
April 20th, 1162

The Five Survivors found themselves faced with a man who had been sent to assassinate them. He proved pretty bad at it.

He was captured at the request of Alexander, and the five led him to Shrouded Hills, a nearby mining town long since out of its prime.

Within the town was a rather incompetent constable who claimed to be “very busy” – though busy seemed to mean he was standing around looking at things rather than doing anything useful. The Five Survivors learned that the true leader of the town was Doc Roberts.

The Five Survivors decided to investigate the town a bit – after Alexander dealt with the would be assassin – and found a generator in a run down church, as well as a ghost haunting the mines. They didn’t find out much more about any of them, except that the ghost was the owner of the mine, Bess Toone.


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