Nora Kilburn

A blonde haired woman in her late teens or early 20's.



This woman stands five and a half feet tall, with blonde, curly hair that falls to her hips when not braided. She is generally either in a plain brown skirt and blouse, or a shirt and pants. There always seems to be a bluge in her pocket. She has an odd silver ball covered in spines on her belt, along with a map case, a metal rod with leather handle, and a waterskin. A bluging backpack with a bedroll on top of it and a crossbow hanging from it. A chain shirt of silvery metal is usually on her when she’s traveling. She’s a tad pudgy.

She carries a pendulum with a glowing arrow that, according to her, detects interference of magic and technology. There is also a rod that heals her fellow party members, a grenade that shocks enemies, an orb that defends wearer, and a mechanical arm she attached to Pedro’s blade launcher.


Timid and quiet most of the time, Nora has been found to ramble when someone gets her on a topic she knows a lot about. And as a bookworm, she made it her business to know a lot. She generally turns to books for information on anything that may be encountered on the travels through the world of Enroth, though seems happy to get practical experience as well.


From Blackshire, Enroth, she was born in the year 1139 AS to Ragnar and Lydia Kilburn. She has been on Antagarich for about a year.

Nora Kilburn

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